Zodiac Candles

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Lucid Energies is so excited to announce our newest drop, the Zodiac Collection!

Each and every candle is unique to it's very own star sign! Made to represent the qualities and traits that all signs represent!
All candles are made to order and are hand poured using the best quality soy wax.
All candles are adorned with gorgeous crystals and fine burn safe glitters to further radiate the positivity and prosperity.
Light this candle during a new moon ritual to set up your sacred space and set positive intentions for the weeks ahead. Or ignite this candle to full your room up with a positive vibe and optimistic aura!

These candles make the perfect gifts for a loved one who appreciates extra love and guidance, or simply enjoy beautiful candles!

Aries -
Libra -
Leo -
Cancer -
Virgo -
Gemini -
Taurus -
Scorpio -
Capricorn -
Sagittarius -
Aquarius -
Pisces - 

Burn time: 3 hours at a time. Trim the wick before igniting.