Affirmation candle ūüēĮ

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Affirmations are so important.  Saying daily affirmations can keep us on the right path and remind us how wonderful we are. 

Affirming something  brings you closer to the law of attraction in attracting what it is  you desire and what you would like from the universe. 

Affirmations empower you to do better and to be thankful for all you are.


  • Attract abundance and prosperity¬†
  • enhance spiritual awareness¬†
  • make you thankful for your blessings¬†
  • empower self confidence within¬†
  • make you appreciate life¬†

candle comes with the 5 daily affirmation photo as a the  label made and written by us. So you can say your affirmations out loud while burning. 


fig and berry 


burn time 

2  or 3 hours preferable