Candle Care

Our candles are made with so much love and care.

We want to make sure our customers get the most out of our candles in a safe manner.

Lucid Energies is not liable if your candle causes a fire or becomes flammable at home. It is your job to ensure once you purchase a candle that you look after it. This means  keep it out of drafts, do not leave it unattended and trim it after each burn. 

We use 100% deluxe soy wax with natural fragrances that are healthy for you, your home and the environment.

Please be aware depending on temperature changes imperfections and cracks can occur but this wont change the burn of your candle.

Candle care is really important. It Ensures your candle to stay healthy and that you get the most use out of your candle.

To care for you candle make sure your burning your candle at the appropriate burn time for the candle you have purchased.

If you blow your candle our to quickly you can damage your candle by creating tunnelling which then won’t be nice for your candle as you won’t get a proper burn out of it.

Once burning your candle make sure the candle burns and creates a puddle. Your want the candle to burn down and create a nice puddle to avoid tunnelling this will normally happen after the first 1- 2 hours. Make sure it creates a full melt pool.

  • Make sure after every burn you trim your wicks by half a centre meter.
  • Make sure while burning your candle you don’t leave it alone.
  • Keep it out of drafts or windy places
  • Avoid it near children and pets
  • Don’t leave wax trimmings in wax pool